Hunting & Fishing

Hunters also love the Webster area, which offers fantastic goose and duck hunting. We're on the direct migration route for thousands of geese making their way down the central flyway, as well as located in the heart of the Prairie Pothole region with the largest duck production in the continental U.S. The area is also popular for hunting pheasants, doves, whitetail deer, coyote, and fox.

For a complete list of regulations and fees, visit SD Game Fish & Parks website, or contact the Webster office at (605) 345-3381.

General License Info

  • Border Waters
    • You are not allowed to fish on the shores of South Dakota's neighboring states' lake except for the South Dakota-Nebraska border if you hold a resident Nebraska or South Dakota license.
  • Buying Licenses
    • Resident and nonresident over-the-counter licenses may be purchased at many retail stores in South Dakota.
  • Revoked Licenses
    • If a person is convicted of certain wildlife violations, the person's hunting or trapping privilege shall be automatically revoked for one or more years and that person is prohibited from buying or applying for another license during that time.

Small Game

  • Ring-Necked Pheasant
    • Oct 20 - Jan 6
    • Daily Limit - 3
  • Quail
    • Oct 20 - Jan 6
    • Daily Limit - 5
  • Prairie Chicken
    • Sept 15 - Jan 6
    • Daily Limit - 3


  • Duck
    • Daily Limit - 6
  • Canada Goose
    • Daily Limit - 15 geese

Big Game

  • Deer
    • Archery: Sept 1 - Jan 1
    • East River Deer: Nov 17 - Dec 2
    • West River Deer: Nov 10 - 25
    • Black Hills Deer: Nov 1 - 30
  • Antelope
    • Archery Antelope: Aug 18 - Oct 31
    • Firearm Antelope: Sept 29 - Oct 14

Laws and Regulations

  • Small Game Requirements
    • Small Game License
    • 1-Day Small Game License
    • Any combination License
    • Youth Small Game License
  • Big Game Requirements
    • Resident Big Game License and Tag

Online Hunter Safety Course
SD-approved hunter safety course includes online class, plus one independent field day. No cost. Learn more at

Digital License
Carry your small game, fishing, or trapping license via smart phone. Learn more about digital licenses on the SD Department of Game, Fish & Parks website.

Proud Anglers

Fishing Reports

Sportsmans' Cove (weekly)
Call (605) 345-2468 for Doug's weekly recorded fishing report.

Lake Information
Depth Maps
Blue Dog
Enemy Swim

Lake Survey Reports
Blue Dog
Enemy Swim
Piyas Lake

For more information, visit the SD Game Fish & Parks website.


Where can I buy a license?

  • Sportsman Cove
    Address: 30 W Hwy 12, Webster
    Phone: (605) 345-2468
  • Pikes/BP
    Address: 20 E Hwy 12, Webster
    Phone: (605) 345-4735

Where can I rent a boat?

  • Sportsman's Cove
    Address: 20 E Hwy 12, Webster
    Phone: (605) 345-4735

Where should I stay and eat?

Where can I get my propane tank re-filled?

  • Twin Valley Tire
    Highway 12, Webster
    Phone: (605) 345-7777

More questions?

  • Contact us at (605) 345-4668 or

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