Webster Aquatic Center


For questions, you may call (605) 345-3924 during the summer.

Webster Pool

The Webster Aquatics Center was completely rebuilt and open for operation in 2013. The $2.3 million facility includes a 240,000 gallon zero-depth pool, diving boards, bath house, Lap Pool with five 25-yard lanes, sandbox, 20-foot umbrellas, large slide, lounge chairs and concessions.

Hours of Operation
The pool is generally open early June to late August. If lightning is present, the pool closes and will reevaluate 20 minutes later.
  • Open Swim: Mon-Fri 1-5 PM and 7-9 PM, Sat-Sun 1-5 PM
  • Lap Swim($2 per time): Mon-Fri 5:15-7 PM
  • Water Walking (Lanes 1-3)($2 per time): Mon-Fri 5:15-7 PM
Admission (per session)
$1 for ages 1-5
$2 for ages 6-17
$4 for ages 18 plus

Season Passes
$100Family Pass (immediate family only)
$60 Adults (18 plus)
$40 Youth (under 18)

Rules & Policy
The safety and well-being of all patrons of this swimming pool should be a concern to all. It is in this interest that the following rules are posted and will be adhered to.

Swimming Pool Rules
  1. No running, dunking or splashing.
  2. No diving in the 5 1/2 foot area.
  3. Swimmers must wear swimming suits. No cutoffs or t-shirts allowed without a good cause (i.e. sunburn, etc.).
  4. Children six years and under must be accompanied by an adult to be able to swim in the main pool.
  5. Swimmer must shower before entering the pool.
  6. No pop, candy, gum or sunflower seeds in the pool area -- only in designated areas.
  7. All abusive or profane language is prohibited. Swearing at the guards will result in not being allowed in the pool for one week.
  8. No floating devices. If a child is wearing a life jacket, they must be in the zero entry to 3 1/2 foot side of the pool or an adult must accompany them. No life jackets allowed in the 12 foot pool. The pool does not provide life jackets.
  9. Phone use for emergencies only.
  10. No showers during pool breaks.
  11. No smoking in the pool area.
  12. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
  13. Fighting in the pool or on the pool grounds will result in being removed from the pool for one week.
  14. No responsible for lost or stolen items.
  15. Consequences for minor misbehavior such as: running, swearing, candy out of designated area, littering around the pool or pool area, dunking, launching, etc. If any of these offenses continually occur, punishment will range from 2-7 days suspension.
  • First offense: Warning
  • Second offense: Sit out for 10 minutes
  • Third offense: Removal from pool for one day
Diving Rules
  1. One person on the board at a time.
  2. Wait for area to clear before diving.
  3. Only one bounce before diving.
  4. Divers must go straight off board.
  5. No swimming in the diving or slide areas.
  6. Use the ladders.
Water Slide Rules
  1. Single riders only.
  2. ALL rides must be at least 48 inches tall, regardless of age.
  3. Riders must slide feet first.
  4. Next rider cannot enter slide until previous rider has exited the slide.

Thank you for keeping our pool a safe place for everyone!


Webster Aquatics Venture for Excellence (WAVE)has raised more than $967,000 for this project. A special election in 2012 resulted in $2.2 million property tax opt-out for 20 years.

How you can help support the pool:
  • Paper/Can Recycling
    Continue to recycle paper and cans at the trailers located behind the Webster Fire Hall, just one block west of Main Street. Proceeds benefit the pool.
  • Donate
    Reach Tom at 605-881-3800 or Rose at 605-880-7837. Mail donations to WAVE, PO Box 615, Webster, SD 57274.

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